What is The Baklava Box?
The Baklava Box is a one stop solution to cater to your gifting needs and serving you with best Baklavas in India.

Can I send The Baklava Box as a gift?
Absolutely! Each box is carefully designed and packaged to be the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. You can purchase any of our boxes as a gift for your loved ones.

What is Baklava?
Commonly regarded as a Greek/ Turkish specialty, Baklava is made up of layers upon layers of filo dough with chopped nuts and/or other goodies spread out upon each layer, which is then stacked on top of one another and cooked in a syrupy sugar mix of sugar, honey, cinnamon,  lemon, saffron and water, doused regularly so that it never gets too dry.

Is Baklava eggless?
Yes! Our baklavas are 100% eggless, chemical free and preservative free! 

What is the shelf life?

Our baklavas are freshly made everyday.If the box is unopened the shelf life is around 30 days. Once the box is opened it is best consumed within 7 days!

How to store?
You should store the baklavas at room temperature. 

When will I get my package?
Your box of happiness will be delivered within 2-4 days for metropolitan cities. Rest take 4-7 days

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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Assorted baklava box (250gms)
Assorted Baklava Box (250gm)
Rs. 825.00
Gift Box with Assorted Baklavas - Regalia Gift Box
Rs. 1,760.00
Royal Vega Box (1 kg) - Baklavas
Rs. 3,300.00
Premium Diwali dry fruits and sweets gift box
Assorted Baklavas, Dry Fruits & Chocolates Rajgharana Gift Box - Premium Diwali Sweets & Dry Fruits Gift Box
Rs. 2,700.00
Royal Vega Box (1 kg) - Baklavas & Laddoos
Rs. 3,300.00


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